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Comcast Xfinity Security Reviews – Overview:

Xfinity Security reviews

Comcast is the largest home automation provider in the US and started as a cable television provider in 1969 in Tupelo, Missouri. They currently provide service to over 17 million customers nationwide. They offer cable TV,

internet and telephone services to most of the country. The company now offers a new home security product to it’s lineup called Xfinity Home Security Service. Packages start at $40 a month and feature live video monitoring, lighting and climate control, touch-screen burglar and fire alarm monitoring, and more. They also offer a web portal and iPhone app. The solutions is powered by iControl Networks’ Open Home automation and security platform.

Xfinity Security Reviews: Summary

Pros IP-enabled touchscreen keypad with access to multiple apps.

Cons New security offering full of glitches and problems.

Xfinity Security Reviews: Overview

Xfinity, offered by Comcast, includes cable and internet, and to a lesser-known extent Xfinity Home Security as well. Xfinity Home Security is sold in three basic packages, the first two with installation fee of $199.00, and the third with a fee of $499.00: Basic, Preferred and Premium. However the system itself is free and includes a touchscreen control panel. In fact, with most basic security packages offered by other providers, touchscreen control panels are an upgrade. Additionally, the control panel, or keypad, has connectivity to any internet-capable device enabled for anytime monitoring by homeowners, in addition to integrating apps such as weather, sports and news.

Optional components for all system levels include detectors for carbon monoxide and water, glass break sensors and curtain motion detectors which cover large areas like walls. Other components included in Basic packages are a single motion detector, as well as two door and window sensors.

Xfinity also requires a three-year contract at a monthly cost of $29.95 for the Basic package to cover the service of 24/7 365 monitoring performed by a monitoring center certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

Xfinity Security Reviews: Available Options

The Preferred package offered by Xfinity builds on the Basic package with the inclusion of access to Comcast’s web portal. This portal allows anytime monitoring of a homeowner’s security system with features such as security history, as well as control of automated lighting, thermostats and the aforementioned touchscreen keypad. An entire home security system may also be armed or disarmed via the portal in common cases when the task is forgotten, when access must be granted with no notice. The monthly fee for the Preferred package is $39.99 with a three-year agreement.

Premium is the high-end of Xfinity’s home security offerings. The most obvious benefit to the Premium package — and the principal reason for the increase from a $199.00 to $499.00 installation fee — is the inclusion of surveillance cameras. For the high price Comcast indeed delivers with four surveillance cameras, a pair placed inside and outside. Included as well are a pair of controllers for small appliances and lighting, and a programmable thermostat in addition to the regular components like window and door sensors. The monthly fee for the Premium package rises to $59.00.

The solution itself is elegant however the delivery of the solution to homeowners has proved to be a challenge for Comcast. We continue to hear from home owners about installation, operation, technology and monitoring problems. This is unfortunate because the idea of bundling home security along with cable, phone and internet services is appealing. However, there does not seem to be a pricing advantage in doing this.

Xfinity Security Reviews: Here is a Great Video that Provides an Overview of Comcast Xfinity’s Security Product

Xfinity Security Reviews: Final Verdict

While Comcast is an established company, their entrance into home security is brand new with the Xfinity product line. We have discussed their solution with lots of homeowners and unfortunately their experience so far has been negative. Until Comcast can get all of the technology and installation problems worked out, we recommend considering other comparable wireless solutions like ADT, Protect America, Vivint or LifeShield.

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Xfinity Security Reviews & Ratings: Home Security Company Reviews

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  1. I have had their service for close to 8 months after being with ADT for 9 years. I have to say I like it. I have had some minor glitches, but nothing that I couldn’t fix or get on the phone and have help with. The system works with my Iphone very well.

    The one drawback to this system is the installers DO NOT KNOW what they are doing, The cameras are wired and they do not run the wires inside the walls, so you are left with these ugly wires exposed everywhere you have a camera.

    In addition they install the thermostat, but they do not power it. So you are basically stuck with buying 2 AA batteries each month to replace the ones that die. It is annoying.

    But all that is irrelevant because the system works. We had a door not fully lock and it blew open during the day while we were at work. Immediately, I was contacted at work and informed of the situation. The police were at my house before I could get there. So when it counted, it did the job.

    I have the premium system and pay $39,99 a month, I was paying $44.00 through ADT. My bill will go to $49.99 for the second year.

  2. I installed for xfinity. This system is very unreliable, which is the most important piece of a security system. Everything is wireless, which alot of other companies do as well. The difference is Comcast purchases very cheap equipment then charges you the customer an extremly high amount for additional sensors. Does a magnent and vacuum sealed contact really cost 69.95…NO! Dont tell me that covers the installation too becuase I see the Equipproinstall fee of 49.95 sitting there on the same work order. Oh and if you have a large house, bigger than 1500sq ft don’t expect to hear the siren it comes out of the touchscreen. It does not produce the 85 decibals required, but since Xfinity can not be your primary means of fire protection they skirt the law on that one. (xfinity is only a secondary means of fire protection, and that is for notification purposes) If the batteries go down on the additional keypad, so does your system. I dont mean you cant arm and disarm from the keypad, I mean your system just stopped working. If the system is armed when this happens the poice are coming out. If this system is unarmed you have no protection.

    The preffered or XH 300 service comes with 3 contacts, a motion detector, keypad, and touchscreen. (it is not three door contacts and three window contacts, it’s just three!) This will cover your home very well if you have a home under a 1000sq ft or an apartment. I sincerly hope you do not have a fourth door or windows on the first floor of you home. If so expect to pay additional money for the contacts and there installation.

    IF you order the premier service also called XH 350 you are buying the 300 with 2 cameras, 2 lighting controllers, and one thermostat. despite what the commercials lead you to believe the lighting controllers only control lamps not overhead lighting. the cameras only record when the alarm system is currently going off and only for about 20 to 40 secs. hope your intruder decides to run directly infront of your indoor camera during the first 30 secs, if not they are useless. your outdoor cam is going to show a nice 40 sec video clip of your front yard unless your intruder parked in your drive way. Your thermostat, well there aren’t many cable installers HVAC certified, so youll be paying for a heat and ac guy to comeout and put it in if you want it.

    I know some guys have had pleseant experinces with xfinity. but I think alot of people on this list who claim to have great experinces are comcast reps. Oh and the salespeople have no clue how this thing works, at the very least do your research.

    a xfinity tech
  3. DO NOT BUY THIS SECURITY SERVICE!!!!! There billing practices are bait and switch! I am a triple play Comcast subscriber who signed a 3 year contract at 29.95 per month. After 12 months, the rate was raised to 39.95 and I was told if I didn’t like it, I could drive to a Comcast Service Center. Their rational for the price change is that because the sales rep wrote “29.95″ on the monthly service charge line and not “29.95 for x months”, they can change the rate to any amount any time! Seriously!

    • I feel like I have been duped and bambozzled! My bill is nearly 300.00 a month because of the hidden charges that were not provided in writing nor were the charges on the Service Fee Disclosure. I just don’t understand how they can get away with this…I was told 29.95 now I see all these extra charges. DO NOT BUY THIS SYSTEM!

  4. stay away stay far away……you have been warned.

    Christopher Smith
    • I have Comcast TV, Phone and Internet services and when I moved to my new home there was a ADT system in place. I saw the commercials and brochures showing the LCD panel mounted on the wall without any wires. Since I am disabled and have a hard time holding items when the tech came to install the system he said that the LCD panel could not be mounted on the wall and needed to be placed on a counter. I have been sending emails for weeks to get a credit for $300.00 for a “professional” installation that Comcast stated it would take 8 hours to complete and the tech wanted to staple wires for the camera’s to my walls so I asked for a refund and the corporate office to get rid of me is telling me they will cancel my service and refund my monies. I want what I saw in the advertisement- Comcast got caught with deceptive advertisement and their answer is to cancel services. Shame on you Comcast.

      Rob P
  5. I just had Xfinity Home installed a few days ago, and so far it is great. No problems at all, and works exactly as described. I even had a great customer service experience (on chat) that helped answer all my questions. Did they work out the “kinks” by now, or am I lucky? I am still not sure I’m going to keep it; the plethora of poor reviews makes me a bit uneasy.

  6. to all when looking for a security panel i have a honeywell panel in my house never failed i was looking into comcast security panel with all these complaints i have changed my mind yes you get well i dont work on digital phone line well honey well has gsm communication with from study is a cell comm with my panel the 21ip i can do internet phone and cell communication i have been looking into a panel known as the L5100 wich has wifi internet hard line gsm phone and a progam cant remember the name but can arm and dis arm from comp tablet and smart phone there are better products

  7. I freaking absolutely hate Comcast. We had it for about a year at my last apartment and we had no problems with it because we only had Internet I’m assuming. Anyway we moved like 5 minutes down the road and all hell broke loose. Our Internet never stayed up and we also had gotten home security and it stopped working for a week before they even bothered to care. And another week to come fix it. They sent us a bill one month for $500 dollars and said it was from all the stuff we ordered (that we didn’t) and then told us there wasn’t anything they could do because they already took it out of my account. What the heck is that!!? Any way what I’m really wanting to say is my husband is in the navy and we have to move now and they are tell me that even though they don’t have service where I’m moving I still have to pay the $1000 early termination fee! I have to pay for something that’s isn’t my fault? They can’t reach somewhere so I have to pay?

  8. i just sat on the phone for 35 min waiting for some person to answer my questions. they are very slow

  9. Had system installed and have had nothing but problems since,billing overcharges,system failures,non-installed equipment(Themstat)inVa,a total waste of time tying to get get resolved,sitting here now with no service since the 18th of this month and no tech arrived yet,today is the 23rd.Wish someone would figure out how to make the company make this contract invaild since all it is crap!!!!!

    • You actually have 30 days from the day you sign the contract / install to cancel with them. I have had slow internet speed or the alarm system would tell me that there is no internet connection available. How is this possible, its connected to Xfinity internet service. I couldnt stream movies without my internet connection slowing down. I was NEVER told that the alarm would be using TWO routers, they took the old all in one (way better modem / router) and gave my two crappy ones that reduced the internet speed. It wasn’t worth it…so I waited on the phone 80 minutes and cancelled on the 29th day. Best decision ever…now I can have my fast internet back!

    • silly you for placing the safety of your home and family in the hands of a CABLE COMPANY because you were attracted to their fancy commercials, laugh out loud

  10. Blair is confused. The cameras are not 100% wireless. The require ac power. They do not use batteries like the rest of the Xfinity Home Security equioment. This means that there attached to an ac power suply w/ chord, are cat 5 chord.

    M. Gibson
  11. Regardless of how Xfinity’s security system works, I refuse to buy any other Xfinity products OR services. The customer service is ridiculous and most people I know who have Comcast will agree. Most of us feel like there are not many other options out there for us and so we just stay with Comcast until another company comes along to free us of the high priced, extremely poor service. AT&T is their major competition but (after the promotion-periods), prices are comparable. Even if the service at AT&T is better, most of us feel stuck since we’ve had email addresses for so long and it’s such a huge amount of work to change email addresses and update this information with those who need the updated info. Frustrating as hell!

    • I don’t believe that customer service is ridiculous or extermely poor it’s us as the consumer take comcast services to heart it is man made…. We do forget that where talking to an live rep on the phone who has feelings and we take our angry out on them and what do you expect to get back the same rudeness that you put in…. How would you feel if someone is yelling, cussing and downgrading you on the phone about cable really put yourself in that rep shoes .. Will you still say its ridiculous and extermely poor I don’t think you would…

  12. First, I am an avid opponent of outsourcing jobs. If doing business in this country, use American workers!!You make the majority of your money here, put it to use here. I have read about thirty or forty horror stories and ran across two favorable comments, no doubt employees or family of same. The outsourcing is enough to keep me from utilizing their services(or evidently, their lack of services), so I believe I will save myself the aggravation and futility, by finding a company that has a better reputation. Thank you for your warnings, as I believe where there’s smoke there’s fire. Let them ply their wares where they employ their people.

  13. Like everything else, this offer comes with a 30-day money-back comcast customer guarantee. All negative comment customers should have looked into it. Just saying…

  14. I do not recommend Comcast XFINITY home security at all. I work for the company and signed up because I was given a discount but Im not impressed

    Stephaine Arrigo
  15. I love my Xfinity security system… It works just fine !!! Other people I know who have the same system, enjoy it just as much… I won’t comment on people I know with other security systems… The thing that I appreciate about mine is that it’s 100% wireless, even the cameras !!! I can also pick the camera’s up and place them anywhere in or outside the house that I want… I could go on and on… but I’m happy & would do it again !!!

    • Vivint is the compsny to go with 60 dollar a month and 99 activation. And free installation. With cameras that can see at night.

    • Did they pay you to say that


    • I don’t see how you got wireless cameras when they aren’t wireless. But i want to know if you experience a major delay & issue? I just got my cameras today & it’s only live for a few minutes, then it freezes and I wait for it to display again.
      Have you, or anyone, figured out how to record more than a 16 second clip?
      I love my comcast cable service, the internet doesn’t seem to be as fast as they promised me, but I recently added xfinity home and here’s what happened: the initial install was supposed to include cameras, it didn’t. When I told the tech he suggested I call comcast, that led to a 30 minute phone process where she told him to install cameras, he said he couldn’t, she said use it as his next appointment slot-he said he couldn’t, then when he left he looked at his watch and said “wonder what I’m gonna do for the next 2 hours?”
      Anyways, he said I had to dispute the install in order for him to come back, it took a week and 4 long phone calls but today it’s resolved. Problem is, it’s so laggy that I am probably going to cancel the service.

      • You are correct it is a load of rubbish… what is the point in having a monitor that does not hold the picture.. it keeps going back to settings. have had them out numerous times to hardwire the camera etc all a load of rubbish, now stuck with the thing for 3 years.. Stay away

  16. I do not recommend Comcast XFINITY home security at all. I recently ordered Comcast home security and cancelled within just one week of having the service. I would recommend that anyone who is thinking about buying Comcast sign up for service from another company. You will deeply regret your decision if you do. Trust me. I can’t believe all the problems this company has caused. First, if you cancel they’ll try to charge you anyway. Don’t believe their guarantees. Second, they won’t show up to any of the scheduled appointments and if they do they will be there hours late. Third, if you cancel and you want them to pick up the equipment you will schedule all-day appointments and they will never arrive (I scheduled two all-day appointments and they never showed up) and then they showed up when I didn’t expect them. Fourth, I was reassured I would not be charged if I did want to cancel…they lied…my bill is riddled with charges. MOST IMPORTANTLY their system didn’t work from day one….That’s the truth…it never provided coverage and kept going off line. I highly recommend that you look elsewhere. I am very close to filing a complaint with the FCC. Stay away and go somewhere else…you’ll be disappointed.

    • Another issue that I forgot to mention is that if you have cable/Internet with them they will try to lock you in no matter what. That is what is happening to me currently….if you can please go with another company. This is from the bottom of my heart. There are other choices…don’t get locked in with this company.

    • Nina,

      I am a regular consumer doing research on what system to get. Reviews such as yours are what is making this a difficult process.

      Your review is exactly “on speaking points” with the shots of Xfinity by the ADTs of the world and their kin and agents. You all point at Te cancellation clauses in the contract as the reason not to go with Xfinity, but you say little about the technical differences. I have had ADT in two homes for years and have exactly the same service problems you blame.

      I don’t think you are real. You area dealer or rep posing as an end user. Not good, not helpful, unethical.

    • I so agree with you. I have had their system for just one month and it is a complete piece of garbage. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but mostly it doesn’t.
      They advertise something completely different than what they deliver with all of these hidden charges. My thermistat didn’t work after the first week. The day I was getting ready to leave for a trip I awakened to 53 degree house and falling. It took 3 hours on the phone to get someone out to repair it before I left town. If it had happened the next day my pipes would have frozen and I would have had a HUGE mess. The cameras hardly ever work, picture comes up colored lines. The installers and repair men don’t have a clue what they are doing. One repair man told me that Comcast had lots of problems with the system and needed to get the “bugs” worked out of it. If you are considering getting this system DON’T DO IT!!!! yOU WILL BE SORRY……..Nina, I would ike to file a complaint as well. I am furious about the service I have recieved. Trish

    • You dont know how to use it ..id10t…..learn how to use it first..

    • My tech was on time every time, once he was 2 hours early. Plus, you can have a supervisor remove charges and adjust your bill-dont take no for an answer. Don’t agree to auto pay, then they can’t debit those false charges from your bank acct. My cable service is awesome, my internet isn’t what the promised, and I posted above about the security service, I’ve had it for 7 hours and want to send it back

  17. We provide the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch. This alarm is one of the best home automation and security controllers available to date. I could go on about the Tuxed system for days. The cost of a Honeywell Tuxedo system for our company’s bottom line is well over double and usually close to tripple what a similar iControl alarm costs. (Xfinity and ADT Pulse use the same icontrol open home panel BTW) Google it… Now we even offer the whole system with Honeywell cameras for 200 bucks installed in the Northern California area. We include video recording, 4g cellular (yes the super fast kind) all with an A+ rating with the BBB. I was just reading all the horrifying comments about Comcast and hope one does more research before they are trapped with Xfinity…we blow away ADT as well and remind you ADT pulse is the same thing. (Using c24)

    • He’s absolutely right. Honeywell is the best. Ive had many diffrent systems on the past through many different companies. I got my new Honeywell srcurity system from a real honest independent dealer called JSB Security Solutions, all for $99 with a contract and it has none of these issues at all.

  18. Finally had a tech come today to do install, but I cancelled after I saw the product and went over what it can and can’t do. The installer was scheduled 8-noon, but showed up at 2pm after calling that he would be late. No sweat, I waited.

    When he arrived he told me that the promotion that I used to call with had expired and the actual cost for a premier system actually went up another $100. It didn’t matter that I had to wait 2 weeks for him to from when I scheduled. I proceeded anyway, and he went through a laundry list of things I “should know before proceeding”:

    He won’t touch my old alarm system, even the wireless sensors.
    I would have to pry them off myself before he would proceed.
    The wireless cameras do not have recording capabilities
    They won’t conceal any wiring
    A new router would be added in line prior to my existing router
    Wifi signal and download speeds will go down after installation permanently
    Primary keypad is the size of a switch plate
    The black “portrait frame” keypad is not wall mountable and holds everything
    The size of the siren is about the size of a dime =cant be heard outside

    After seeing and holding the black portrait frame keypad, which was the primary unit featured in the commercials, I cancelled. It felt nothing more than a inexpensive digital portrait frame, and using this as the brains for the entire system really made me doubt. It seems that any burglar could come in, find it and destroy it in seconds with little effort. I realize that the PD would be called, but having a really loud siren as a deterrent to warn the neighbors I think is a positive. I was also really disappointed that this unit was not wall mountable. He said the 1st version had a wall mount option, but they no longer do that. I explained that the Ad’s all show it as wall mounted, and it feels a little like bait and switch . My older system at least had a steel lock box that held the brains and appears harder to defeat.

    I was hoping to update my older ADT system, and still may do so in the future, but after speaking to the installer and going through the components it looks like Xfinity is just not quite ready to provide a premier system in my opinion.

    • Paul,
      Your ADT system is completely up gradable to offer the same services with using the same or replacement metal lock box with the brain. Contact your local representative to assist you.

    • Paul, BS!!

      (1) 8-noon…??? NO such appointment window because there are only 2 hour windows for installs! (2) If you place an order for any offer, your order is fulfilled based upon that offer and cannot be changed when the tech arrives. I know this because if an offer has expired when you call to purchase it, it is unavailable systematically to be entered into an order. Basically if you place the order or/before the promotion expiration date THAT IS HONORED! Comcast has their kinks that need working out (I.e. customer service, OUTRAGEOUS prices, outsourcing) but some of the stuff pissed off customers make up is just annoying! GEESH!!! Keep it real people for those consumers who need to know ACTUAL reasons why they should consider alternative companies!!! IJS….

  19. I have had nothing but trouble since installation in the spring of 2012. I was considering having this home security system pulled but it will cost me $1,100 at this point. So they definitely have me roped in to their nasty scheme. I would not recommend this home security system for a dog house. The system is only as good as their service – a pile of crap.

    • Our system sucks also 6 motin detectors,5 thermostats, 3 routers,2 touch screen, Systen instaled Oct 2 ,about 18 service call some times they were here 2 days. Can’t wait to get them out. Steve

      • 5 thermostats???? what are you living in a museum??? LOL!!!

    • I most agree I have only had system ONE MONTH… and I have had nothing but issues, LIES and blank screen.
      I’m roped in and must say I would never recommed or refer anyond. The only reason signs in my window is because I hope the signs will do what the system work do…. PROTECT ME AND MY FAMILY!!

  20. xfinity home camers is not any good, the camers go out alot. I have had so many service calls. this is why i decided to google complaints on xfinity home security. I have three outside camers and they stay out. i have a service call today 1/12/2012. i want my money back. i have a security system;but because of the camers is what i really wanted i have two security system. i give there home security system and customer service a (F). direct tv is all in sams and any where they can trying to get customers, xfinity will be next.

  21. I had Comcast Xfinity Home Security installed despite all of the negative reviews and I could not be happier. To my surprise they DID have bugs with the touchscreen which caused all kinds of malfunctions. Comcast has updated the software for the touchscreens and it seems to be working flawlessly though it will not work properly with a DORY modem. The installer replaced my DORY which I thought was great and never had to reboot with an ARRIS docsis3 modem and a NETGEAR router that DOES NOT transmit wifi. The router is an encrypted router that changes its algorithms every few seconds. Plug your own wifi router into the supplied security router and BAM you still have wireless at your location. My wife was not entirely on board with a security system monitored by any company. I walked her through arming and disarming it remotely and now she is using it like a pro. The cameras are awesome to view your secured area from anywhere you have phone signal or wifi. The thermostat feature is even better than the cameras I feel. I don’t know what the temp is going to do from day to day and it is very easily set. If you choose not to buy into the cameras or thermostat the door, window, and motion sensors work just as nice. This system has many options and it can be totally controlled by YOU. I have ran five of my own test’s for the monitoring feature and every time they have called my supplied phone number within a few thats something I can not say about the two other home security systems I have had in the past. So far I do not have anything negative to say about this product although I would love to have something.

    • Hi, I am trying to understand why I can’t get wifi at home via the comcast netgear router that I pay for each month. When I called comcast about this, they said I can buy/ rent another router from them. That is crazy! Is there any way around this?

      Thanks pj

      • The Netgear router you’re speaking of, is a part of Comcast’s Home Security system, using an encryption that is only accessible by your touch screen. It can’t be used to connect your personal WiFi devices to the internet and you are not being charged/billed for it monthly. Comcast will supply you with a separate WiFI router that you MAY use to connect your devices wirelessly, and for free. They’ll even setup an appointment for a tech to install it for you.

      • yes just buy your own router from walmart bestbuy radio shack ect, cheaper and better

        a xfinity tech
    • You obviously work for Comcast as a tech or something. So we have to be a technical wizard to make our Comcast security system work? No thanks.

  22. The problem with Comcast is that they don’t have the know-hows in making network devices work consistently. Home security is a very different world than cable tv. Your security system better have multiple points of failure with reliable redundancies built in. WiFi or local network goes down? Your cellular or telephone line backups better kick in right away so you don’t lose the video and sensor signals. It’s not an easy business and it’s clear that Comcast is not ready. ADT is still the go to traditional option if you don’t mind wiring up your house. For new wireless options, something like Oplink Security could fit the bill if you don’t mind doing the installation yourself.

  23. I have xfinity home security and haven’t had any issues.

    • hopefully they dont allow your enemies post up in camera’s…i have had a bad experience with surveillance compnaies..not saying they contributed but it’s people going to the police ans saying I complain so let me monitor …they not checkn records are nothing and the next thing you know your name is being blasted with the wrong answers all over town…it is a wow moment that needs to be correct…yellow out

      lakesia smith
  24. I had the product installed in my home and the short explanation is that it not ready for prime time. Couple this with a phone support organization that is inefficient at best and you have a poor offering, It took four month and endless hours on the phone to get the basic functioning properly. Any other major offering would be a better a choice.

    Lee K
    • I really wish that I had read this before I left ADT. ADT was getting more expensive by the day and they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to upgrade. So up goes Xfinity Home. Two weeks into it, the power goes out, and their router, a cheap netgear, resets or gets fried. Called the tech, who gave me his number, no response….twice. I have spent over seven hours on the phone with home security, and they seem surprised that there is no easy way to get them. They have set up two service calls, and messed up both of them… they think that someone will just show up at 9pm. Idid not need service from ADT often, but when I did….it came the same day, no matter what the time of day

      They treat home security just like cable tv,and phone. They are way more responsive about their internet. If I wasnt into them for so much money, I would just go back to ADT…..but feel stuck

      If you are considering Home security……Don’t go to Comcast. They do not understand.

      • ADT can be disarmed in less than 30 seconds by most any semi smart criminal

  25. Two months since I have had it installed. Had to have them return to reinstall an incorrectly installed thermostat. They should have tested it to make sure it was working before leaving. Had them out three times for a low battery in the key pad and on thier third trip they replaced the whole unit. Seems to have fixed the problem. Had them out to replace a low battery in a window sensor, which I am about to call them again as I am getting a low battery alarm from the same sensor. Had them to reinstall 3 window sensors that were installed incorrectly, two on one window and none on another. Came home from a weeks vacation and found that all the devices lost communicatins with the console and my home was unprotected for a week. About to call again as the “rules” function to turn lights and heat on and off is not working. Bottom line, I had ADT for 7 years with one service call. You should be able to figure this one out.

    Bill Field
  26. I’m concidering changing my home security provider to Xfinity. However, I’ve read through 36 comments concerning security system/customer services and a majority (over 95%) of these comments give negativie reviews.

    whenever I read customer reivews of products, there are positive and negative reviews (50/50%) but this is the first time I’ve read so many negative reviews.

    Aren’t there any positive commnets/reviews?

  27. Just had the Xfinity home security system installed , about a week ago. The video cameras are junk, especially the night vision. There is no night vision unless we turn all of our outside lights on. We plan on replacing the cameras, after we give Xfinity another chance to fix the problem. If they can’t give me what they claim they could, then more than likely we will cut all our communication services with the company.


  28. Do not, I repeat!!…do not listen to the sales people about the system when the make promises about credits for terminating your other system early and installing Xfinity home security. It won’t happen. We even were offered credits for delays and problems they had with installation and that never happened either. I personally can’t wait for 22 more months so I can dump the security system and tripleplay to wash my hands of Comcast completely.

    Indianapolis, Indiana

  29. Xfinity is horrible. . . . So, since our neighborhood isn’t as safe as we’d like it to be, we purchased Xfinity Home Security in an effort to have some control. Unfortunately, every time it’s the most inconvenient time of day/night, the cameras either lose their signal, or lose their connectivity. Plus, to make matters worse, now when I call to receive technical support, (12:00AM to 5:00 AM; the time of the occurrence,) I’m routed to some international call center overseas, only to find out “Home Security” technical support has been changed to a Monday-Friday department. Also, it’s my personal preference that when I’m having a technical issue, I want to be able to fully understand the individual on the other end of the phone. Doesn’t Xfinity advertise Customer Support for phone, Internet and cable as being a 24/7 operation? Why is it then the one service that is the most expensive to the customer, the very service the customer is unable to receive “service” for? Now, we have to wait the duration of the weekend to even get a voice on the phone; not to mention, the week to two weeks it will probably take to get someone out here. Long story short. . . we have the pleasure of paying for a service we’re definitely not getting.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Complete nightmare for us as well, in a different way. As soon as the cameras were installed, it was obious how poor the resolution and viewing span was, night vision…what night vision. When we tried to return the equipment and purchase an other brand on our own, we were told equipment was not returnable, a complete contradition from the sales person. We canceled everything with in the 72hr window in order to get a full refund, (Indiana state law for contracts), all was returned and nothing charged, untill a month later. Comcast has been billing me for the equipment. It has been a mess of 2-3hr phone calls everyother week, talking with Xfinity and Comcast billing offices, all who agree we should be credited, but no one has the authority to do it. When I ask to speak to the “authority” I’m told I’ll get a call back. The contract was started 7/31, cancelled 8/2, and today it is 11/13, my Comcast account is still past due. What a joke of a company. The funny thing is, we thought the service would be good, and planed to sign back up without use of their cameras, but a “service monitor” person called 3 weeks after the equipment had been removed asking me to check my computer because they had lost connectivity to the monitoring system and wanted to trouble shoot the situation.

    • Your 100% right about everything you said on the cameras.


  30. I have had xfinity security system since June2012 and it has been a horrible experience since day one. System issues, multiple calls to customer care with no resolution. I do not recommend them at all.

  31. I was seriously considering the Xfinity Home Security system until I stumbled onto this article. Some really informative stuff here.

  32. I’m trying to find where I can get the app for Xfinity home so I can put it on my i-5 phone and computer and I-Pad so that I may be able to monitor my cameras when I’m not home.

    Ron Nicholson
    • Go to the app store and search for XFINITY HOME. Brings it right up. There is a separate app for Houston TX only. I have it on mine, I haven’t had any problems what so ever with my XFinity home security.

      Jonathan Weishaupt
      • I haven’t had any issues with Xfinity Home The tech support has always been accessible whenever I need them. People complain about Statefarm but they’re still the #1 insurer in the US. Nothing is perfect and people will always find something to complain about. I’m happy it’s working for me.

  33. I also have spent way too much valuable time on the phone trying to schedule. They randomly appeared at my home twice unscheduled with worried children and barking dogs. When I finally received my “scheduled” appointment they no-showed me for the day, even after calling to confirm. Does anyone have anything good to say about xfinity? If they can’t get their customer service reps trained to do their job and schedule a simple appointment, how are they going to care for our homes and children. Get it together Xfinity. You have a lot of complaints on I Hate Comcast on Facebook (over 17,000 likes). The consumers in this economy will not continue to support your careless ways. Let’s hope you get some real competition in the future

    • I have Comcast for years upon years and I personally love the customer service and in home services. As for ” train the reps to do their job” I feel that’s a little harsh. How many times have you made a mistake at your job? Is it because a lack of training? And maybe you just had the date and time wrong because clearly a company would not be doing so well in business if these were the practices the operated by? 17,000 dislikes out of over a million current subscribers says a lot. I wish I had an approval rating that high!!!

  34. I received an install appointment for Sunday. I called Saturday to confirm it because I never received an e-mail confirmation or a confirmation call from Comcast. I was told that they do not do install’s on Sunday’s. I would have been really ticked off if I would have sat around my house on a Sunday morning for a no-show installer. I asked the representative how I received a Sunday appointment if they do not do installs on a Sunday – she said it was a mistake. She did not apologize. I requested that the appointment be canceled altogether and she didn’t even try to encourage me otherwise. I am going to have ADT quote me before I reschedule anything with Comcast.

  35. Don’t purchase thirst xfinity security. They could never get the thing installed properly, we never signed a contract because the tech didn’t have one. Called Comcast to disconnect within the there days of install received a cancellation number and confirmation that the equipment was picked up but they won’t release the 499.00 install about of my bill. The worst thing about Comcast is the amount of wasted time you have to spend talking to reps that don’t do anything to help. Supervisors too! Please believe me when I say stay away from this security company. We went with Alert Protective out of Chicago Illinois. No problems, no wait times to talk to someone and the best install. $29.00 a month to monitor and the system is flawless.

  36. New home built and looking for security system. Glad I found these reviews because today we called Xfinity for more info about their security system. This blog changed our minds and we are going to ADT.

    • Ditto here. I have a flyer in front of me for 25% off monthly fees for one year, with a 3 year contract. I actually was thinking of going with them, but ADT offers the same things I’m looking for, and have been in the home security business for a very long time. I’m going with them as well.

  37. This article is excellent. Keep up the good work! You already know, many people are looking around for this information, you can help them greatly.

    Private investigation Johannesburg
  38. So i got Xfinity installed in my new apartment. Guess what happened, well first everything was good the touch screen was a little slow could be a bit better but i liked it. Then the problems started, the keypad i have mounted next to the front door stopped working. My partner and i left the apartment for a few hours to go food shopping and with a bag of grocery in hand had to jump over a sofa and through a door to shut the system off from the touch pad with seconds to spear. No big deal, i called customer service and told them about the keypad not working so they setup and appointment for tomorrow between 3 and 5. everything was great my partner and i decided that we where in for the night so we set the alarm to stay. about 12am is when the biggest problem happened. I wanted to my partner to take a run to the store to grab a few things for tomorrow. I go to disarm the system from the touch screen, no response. after waiting for a few mins and the screen not responding i desired to try my cell phone. After trying to disarm the system 3 or 4 times for my cell its say cant process. So i tried one more thing, i went to my computer logged on to the site and tried to disarm the system from there. Completely locked out, the system went down and there was no way of disarming the system. Keep in mind the red light on the touch screen is on showing the system is still armed. We are know locked in our house, with no tech coming till the next day in the late after noon. At this point my partner and myself are freaking out. We are trapped on the 2nd floor of our apt with no way out and no way down without opening up a window that has a sensor on it. We called customer service and was placed on hold more times than i liked to count. They have no idea how to handle this situation im thinking to myself. After talking to a manager they tell me to just open a door. the system isn’t going to send a single because its not active. i say to the tech, but if i do that the alarm will sound and i have no way of shutting it off. I have people living under me and next to me that will here this thing going off at 1am. that’s not a good thing i tell him, there has to be another way. So after a few more talks with his manager he tells me go ahead and open the door, it wont go off. Reluctantly i listened and opened the door and just like i thought the system started its count down chime, screen still black and unresponsive. With the tech on the phone i tell my partner and i quote *pull that damn thing off the table and cover it, i don’t care if you break it just don’t let it be heard*. The tech tells me please do not break the equipment or you will be charged. From this point i tell him F*** EQUIPMENT ITS MALFUNCTIONING, LOCKING ME IN MY APARTMENT, IS ABOUT TO WAKE UP MY NEIGHBOR FOR NO REASON AND ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOUR CRAPPY EQUIPMENT . Know the alarm is sound from under a stack of pillows and blanket, the tech can hear it going off and is telling me there is nothing i can do. An idea pops into my head, wait i still have a remote that goes to this system that by passes everything because its direct linked to it. its not over the internet. I take it out of my back and hold the unlock button, it worked. The alarm is now disarmed and with no help from comcast. This is the point where i tell them, well you have a tech coming tomorrow anyways just change the order from fixing to picking up. Needless to say i listened to them talk about how they value our business and got a few months free along with upgraded package with 2 cams and few other goods added to my account at no charge to me. So now im the best security package they offer for the same price i was paying for the preferred. Oh did i mention i got out of the contract, i told them ill take all of that but unless i know this system is going to work i will not be in a contact that i cant get out of. They waved the contract telling me if i dislike the service i can stop it at anytime. Anyways this ended the ordeal and now im waiting on the tech to come and install the new stuff. I will update with any change’s but in all regards i would be careful with them. I have a friend that has there security system and has no problem with it at all but yet im having every problem with it. just make sure when they install it that everything and i mean everything works correctly before they leave your house. If the touch screen seems slow, laggy or in the slightest not right. tell them to collect there equipment and get out. That is how mine started before it crashed locking my partner and i inside our apartment for over an hour. That touch screen is the brains of the system, if its out you have no way of arm or disarming it. All in all im going to give them another chance, if they screw this up then forget them. I will not only cancel the security system, but i will cancel the internet, home phone and cable as well. I dont to deal with a company that cant even keep up with there own equipment or problems for that matter.

    • Steve: What has happened? Any better experinece or did you get rid of xfinity’s system?

  39. Xfinity sucks! Their customer service is good but slow. Their techs are unprofessionals

  40. Got Comcast system, but have trouble from day one. Got the deluxe system with thermostat etc, love their system, but when the thermostat broke down (in Florida) the next day, called Comcast service center and was given an appointment for 4 days away (I have to get in line with others, like not having their cable TV). It took one hour on the phone and talk to 2 supervisors before someone come that evening. one week later, it took 4 visits and 3 no shows for them to complete the installation.
    Then comes the 3 years no cancellation policy. I put in that the customer may cancel if comcast is unable to support the breakdown in a reasonable manner, and the supervisor went hostile, threatening to remove the system if I felt that the service is unacceptable. So, I let them, and going to ADT, and will also cancel Comcast hi-speed as well.

  41. Just bought a new home, completely new construction. I wanted to have a security system installed before we moved in. Xfinity refused to come and quote out the system or give me a rate for monthly service because I didn’t have internet turned on for the house yet… When I tried explaining that I wasn’t going to have the internet turned on till I moved into the house a month later I was told that then I couldn’t get the system till the turn on the internet…

  42. Sad but true. I currently have ADT and was planning to switch to Xfinity, however today I have waited on hold, after speaking with someone, for 30 minutes no music to show me we were still connected and no one ever came back on the line. I was at the point of just setting up an appt. I felt if they couldn’t even take my order how would they help support problems, then I read all the above. When they get the kinks worked out I may try them again in several years.

  43. WOW!
    I live in Ft. Myers, FL and have had Xfinity Home for over 2 years now. I have had absolutely no issues with this system.
    This has worked exactly as it is supposed to.
    CON – I have noticed that when you call customer service and press 1 for a trouble call, the first prompt is for Xfinity Home, then Video, Internet and phone. If you don’t hear Xfinity Home first, don’t waste your time talking to the non-Xfinity Home consultant, they cannot help you.
    Pros- 100% works like a champ. Indoor/Outdoor Cameras see well at night and it will be even better when these cameras come with motion capabilities.
    Over 2 years now and no batteries needed.
    Text alerts and email alerts I receive immediately if something is going on.
    For instance – My wife left the house at 12:56pm. I received a text that my system was armed.
    4:26pm – Wife came home and came in thru the front door, my primary with a delay of 30 seconds.
    Corresponding text said front door sensor, email said front door sensor and central monitoring will be notified in 30 seconds.
    Here is were I need to laugh with my wife. She comes in, goes to disarm and the house phone rang. My wife is easily distracted, she picked up the phone and yes you could imagine what happened next. She is now standing in front of the motion sensor.
    4:26pm – text says motion sensor going off, email states Central is being notified and my phone rings, a call from Central. Now all of this happened within about 35 seconds from when my wife came in thru the front door.

    I have read the posts from others complaining. All I can say is call higher up the chain if your local office is offering no resolution. The people in Ft. Myers are great.
    I believe Xfinity Home is something that Comcast/Xfinty has done very well.

    Roger H.
  44. Terrible install, tech has no idea how to set up system. After install, motions didn’t work, internet didn’t work, cell back up didn’t work, key fab set off panic alarm and police showed up. Over night the main controller said my motions are not communicating, possible low battery. Try calling for a repair? They schedule another day to come out. How many days do you think I can take off of work? I am cancelling and going with another alarm company.

    • i have had the system a month, which is a good one when it works. my monitor works for a couple of days and then freezes, video cameras stop working, made73 calls tto comcast, had 4 technicians each blaming the prior one. i know how to set up the “rule” but the system fails. got vandalized, fell and broke my arm and no cameras worked or the monitor. tired of waiting 20 mins to talk to someone, fed up with the promps to confirm they are coming. Too many problems not worth the hassle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Agree completely with all the comments on this site. STAY AWAY! Go with ADT or some other solution that is more mature. You will pay more but it’s worth it. Xfinity is clearly ironing out the bugs and I am most dissatisfied with this solution. I have had issues with the slow/sluggish control unit, no speaker repeater (bad for large homes) and the mobile app frequently exits or times out. I would not recommend this solution and on top of all this the customer support is just bad. While the reps try to be helpful they just don’t have training or knowledge about this solution or how to fix issues.

    Rich G.
  46. Very unhappy with Xfinity’s home security system. While the installer did a very good job, we have lots of problems. The most pressing is less than 30 days after install, all my zones show batteries are dead(couldn’t possibly happen?) and therefore I can’t activate the system.. Happened on Friday, they couldn’t schedule a tech until Sunday. I get a call Sunday morning saying they can’t come because their techs don’t work on Sundays. I stupidly asked why did they scedule it then? Well they don’t really know yet how to differentiate home security from cable problems, even in billing matters, so that’s why.. So no alarm service for day three.. Lots more little stuff has happened but needless to say, wait before you switch to this service. It’s cool and when it works, it’s great.. But they aren’t close to working out the kinks..

    Robbie S
    • Did they figure out why the communication failure happened (battery issue)? Dealing with the same thing!

  47. Well, it looks like I am not the only person that has had problemss. I decided to upgrade from ADT to Xfinity. I wish that I could provide the photos of the sloppy work that was performed. I have a camera hanging from my ceiling with a long cable hanging from it. Thank goodness, I have no small children in my home. Before the techs pulled off, the door sensor fell off.. I was able to get them to return by waving my hangs and yelling a few times. When the tech came back and pressed the tape back in place he told me that would never happen again because they used 3M tape (uummm???? it just happened). The tech was on the phone in my house telling someone he just installed his first system. Everyone needs a job so I am hoping that he has learned the process a little better because the system has malfunctioned since the very day of installation. The cameras constantly fade to a rainbow colored screen so if someone was in front of the camera, they would not have been caught. My husband was very angry and within two days we called to cancel. The representative that took the call called himself reserching the issue and disconnected the call never to call again. I called back and spoke to someone in their retention department. She promised to correct the issue to keep my business and scheduled another technician to come out in two days to correct the errors. We received the standard call reminding us of the appointment. We did not go out waiting for the technician to come and we are still waiting. I had to write a letter to the VP of Home Security indicating that I want to service termed. I did this via certified mail so that they could not say they did not receive my notice.

    Crossing my fingers because today is the day that they are coming to remove this stuff from my home. I wish that you could see the drill dust, moved furniture and use of my personal ladder (which they did not ask to use) and did not put it back.

    This system is so new and I do not think that they are up to speed yet on how to handle customer service.

    Grant you, no company is perfect and if the plan is to install install sell sell install minus service expectations, a business will not succeed. The customer is always right and when there are problems, they will come to a board just like this one and vent thier frustrations.

    I failed to mention that the themostat that I was told would be installed was a no show because since I live in Virginia, a certified electrician has to install the unit. I was angry but would have been HOT if the guys that poorly installed the secuirty system had toyed with my furnance and broke that and assumed no responsibility. I guess happen for a reason.

    Investigate any system and read reviews and check the BBB website for any service from any company. Always use certified mail and document the names, dates and times that you speak with people. Ask for associate numbers and if you use your cell phone, mark it down so you can prove that you tried to contact someone.

    When people are afraid that they will be reported, they will go to extreme measures to cover up wrong doing. TRUST!!

    S. Webster
    • see my note down the page: my Comcast thermostat fails (in Florida) and the temp in the house is over 80, and I was told to wait 4 days because they have other customer to service. It took one hour on the phone and speaking with 2 supervisiors before they will agree to send someone the same day.
      I also put in conditional cancellation clause in the contract, after having more trouble with the install, and the supervisor was mad, and basically tell me that if I do not remove these conditions, he will send his team in to remove the system. So I gave him a time, to come and remove his system, and I will then go to ADT. I will also terminate my 4 years internet with Comcast, just to complete this divorce.
      I like the Comcast system, but their service is worse than bad, and they do not have the common sense to know that a thermostat failure in Florida (or North Dakota) takes precedent over no signal on the TV

  48. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of Xfinity Security. I installed it in June, since then 20 supports calls, 5 tech visits. 2 false alarms, cameras not working. The equipment does not work, the installers have no idea what they are doing.

  49. I think they are a good company but are having a tough time rolling out a brand new service. I have also heard the demand right now exceeds the capacity. So I think I will wait until they catch up.

    Bob W.
    • You are clearly a plant or work for Comcast. This system is not ready for market and the commercial is a stretch. I have had two false alarms in first two days and took multiple trips by the techs to install. They didn’t know what they were doing and how the system works. The tech told me that they are spending more time dealing with cancellations than new installations. Do yourself a favor and skip xfinity home security.

      Pissed off customer
  50. I am sharing here the fact that the thermostat we had from Comcast as part of our security system went crazy and started blowing hot air into our home even though it showed it was cooling our home. It accessed our furnace which I am pretty sure other thermostats are not able to do. I turned the furnace off using my breaker box and the thermostat stopped working completely when I did that. Also we were not able to shut off the thermostat so we could use our fan to cool down the house for us and our dogs. If we had a crated animal in our home or no doggy door we would have come home from work to two dead dogs. The temperature outside was ninety degrees Fahrenheit so even with a doggy door our dogs could have suffered heat related problems Luckily I do not work even though my wife does. But I am very sensitive to the heat and I started to get sick. My wife had to stay home with the dogs and I so she lost a days wages because of Comcast’s very dangerous thermostat. We were forced to have a different thermostat installed which is a long story but we felt it was the best option in the long run. We realized the hard way that your thermostat should be part of your heating and cooling system and not your alarm system. I am doing everything I can to see that their thermostat is pulled from the market. I feel Comcast should never have offered thermostats as part of their security system in the first place.

    I have reported them to the consumer safety folks and the Better Business Bureau. I was told that my case had been assigned to someone in their so called Customer Loyalty Department. They were suppose to be back in the office on this Monday the 25th of June. As of yesterday Friday the 29th of June I have not heard from anyone. I have been trying to find a way to contact the Home Security folks by email like a person can contact the other three divisions. So far no luck. My wife and I are loyal Comcast customers. We want to help them by letting someone in authority know about all the problems they are having and how those problems are affecting folks like us. Someone had actually annotated on our account that a serviceman had come out to our home and found nothing wrong with our thermostat. According to his supervisor he had reported that the problem had been resolved. We had been told he was coming out to us to replace the thermostat so we could cool down our house. What happened was he showed up with out a thermostat. Xfinity had taken over servicing the thermostats from the subcontracting instillation company without first having thermostats to install if they could not repair the original one. What happened was we had to buy a thermostat from someone else. On Monday the 25th their nice serviceman came out to our home and took back their thermostat. He also removed that option from our Home Security Screen. I checked our account and the price of the thermostat has been removed. The other day I was able to talk to someone at one of their monitoring stations. He was much more knowledgeable than other folks I had talked to in the past. He gave me a direct number to contact them with. So we are making progress. We had been told by the Customer Loyalty folks that we were the first to have to return a thermostat. The man at the monitoring center said that was not true and that he new personally of many folks returning the thermostats. We are just hoping that someone higher up in the food chain who is over all four of their departments will get involved. We feel it is not fair for this new department to put the other three departments and their great employees in jeopardy by having people give up on Comcast completely.

    Irvin A.
  51. Have had nothing but good things to say so far. System install went brilliantly, we upgraded from Brinks (and it is a major upgrade). Have installed cameras and all the goodies and everything works perfectly. Not sure what happned with the earlier reviewer but I have NO problems getting in touch with Xfinity home security and never get someone in another country and actually never really been on hold when having to call for anything. We even added extra cameras to our install 2 days before they came out and it was no problem. Nothing bad to say at all and we love the features, the remote access to the system and the video… great system

  52. They suck, try reaching someone that speaks clear english and all you get is someone in the Philipines and spend over 30 minutes so far on this call. This is my 3rd attempt to resolve my problem and I keep getting directed to a different number with more Philipine operators that are useless. Do yourself a favor and do not even consider Exfinity Home Service from Comcast.

    James P.
    • Why do you think Filipinos can’t speak English well? These people you are talking to are all college graduates, are you? You can”t even spell the Philippines right.I just want to correct you that people in the Philippines are called Filipinos.

    • James P., please consider learning how to spell Philippines correctly; your opinion may have more credibility if you appeared more like an intelligent person, and less like an uneducated bigot who doesn’t even have a grasp on his own language.

      Also, It probably wouldn’t hurt if you learned how to spell “english” and “Exfinity”, considering that you felt the need to bash Filipino (not “Philipine”) operators on an English-language, Xfinity comments thread.


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